#3 Living Space – Nautic Landscape of Amsterdam’s Eastern Docks

Private houses and apartments in Amsterdam’s biggest reorganized area, Eastern Docklands (Dutch: Oostelijk Havengebied), are mostly regarded as an example of experimental architecture enhancing the idea of a dense but still very unique and individual living space. The district contains 8 sub-zones with diverse housing, work and services mix and is a home for over 17,000 habitats on around 1,3ha. Docks, which every for itself creates a small local centre, are connected through modern bridges, bike lane network and inner roads with parking stall for cars.




The most interesting element of this nautic landscape are small moor opportunities with few private yacht spots, where habitants can settle their boat, kayak or little yacht. The idea and its execution do not overwhelm the observer and simply fade naturally into the space’s image. The boats are frequently used for private purpose and serve as an additional mean of transport. Some are also used on a small scale for tourist as an interesting was of spending leisure time.

366_fullimage_amsterdam Java eiland.jpg_560x350

The general area together with its mobility elements creates a compact, walkable and sustainable space which is primed by a complimenting architecture and interesting urban form. (cf. Szita 2002: 63-67)


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