#15 MC+ collab wins the Accenture prize! StartUp Live Stuttgart#3 FinTech

Viennese company StartUp Live has a special meaning to me. It was during its second Mobility&Logistics edition in Stuttgart when I presented the concept of MC+ for the first time. I remember how nervous I was, how overwhelmed but also how motivated I become – although MC+ was in too early development state to win even the smallest prize, I met a lot of people that I am friends with till now and to learnt many new things which helped me many times afterward. I also celebrated my birthday on a pitch day 😉


A few months later, on 23rd and 24th of March 2018, I participated once again in StartUp Live – this time I did not present my own project but joined a group and established a small collab during event’s FinTech edition. Thomas, me and Daniel created the concept of Smart Billing – a blockchain-based billing process that secured the interests all involved parties from signing a contract after tender documentation phase to agreement’s finalization. This simple, web-based app is a three-step tool which enables the deal stakeholders to 1. chose and adjust the contract, fitting their needs, from provided templates, 2. convert it into a smart contract on the blockchain (f.e. Stellar) and 3. create a trackable, time and resource efficient process. The goal and the motivation behind the concept were to maintain a transparent and fair billing system which prevents the bankruptcy of any involved party, advertises the importance of fair pricing and strengthens the idea of new, inclusive economy.

Although we did not present any already working concept but a spark of an idea, we have won the attention of one of StartUp Live’s sponsors, Accenture, and their Accenture Prize. Fun, intense two days that paid off!

Below our presentation, taken with a pinch of salt 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



PS: if you are interested in a collab with StartUp Live or are in general interested in the event, contact Paulina. She will be happy to provide you with more information (no, it is not a sponsored post, I simply appreciate her hard work, knowledge and great engagement).

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