Hello, nice that you are here ūüôā

My name is Patrycja and I am the founder of MC+, a private project which came to my mind during a walk in a dusty park, in a small town somewhere in southern France.

Although it is an about me site, I will not introduce my self as I probably should. More than about my person I like to talk and write about the things that inspire me. This website mirrors some of those subjects and sketches the direction which I pursued in building my career. I hope you will learn something new after reading feeds regarding the progression of my project or blog posts about sustainable urban development (Agenda 2030), inclusive urban planning, digitalization, and smart cities. And I hope to learn also something from you.

If you want to contact me, feel free to write me an E-Mail. You can also meet me in person in Leipzig, Germany.

My LinkedIn. My ResearchGate profile. My crazy Instagram.














  Barri Gòtic, Barcelona, Summer 2017

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